Geomag Magicube Animal Friends 4 pcs


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Magicube is the newest Geomag product. This innovative toy is a building system made up of magnetic cubes that attach to each other on all six sides. By harnessing the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, children can give free rein to their imagination as they build colourful 3D models. By playing with the individual cubes, even the youngest of children begin to develop their first manual skills.

With Geomag toys, you can build endless 3D structures, thanks to the magical forces of magnetism, unleashing creativity and imagination as you play. Made in Switzerland, from recycled materials!


  • Number of pieces: 4 + 6 cards
  • Packaging dimensions: 36 x 23,7 x 22,8 cm
  • Materials – recycled plastic
  • Recommended age: 1+

WARNING! Remove packaging before handing it to a child. Save this information for future reference.


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